"Our unique way of recycling"
  • Wine and Liquor Cheese Trays


    Need a great gift that's unique?  We make cheese trays from practically any wine or liquor bottle!  We make customized bottles for that special event such as weddings, birthdays, and the world series to name a few.  We have made and shipped to other countries too!

    These cheese trays are made from the actual wine or liquor bottle.  Melted in a kiln, the entire process from heating up to cooling down takes 24 hours.  Each cheese tray is then decorated with its original label (if label was present) and cork, as well as a wire hook melted in the neck for hanging on the wall when not in use!  Otherwise, the cheese tray will be decorated with additional décor ( wire, beads, raffia, etc.).  Every single cheese tray comes with a complimentary cheese knife!  The included pictures are just a sample of our work. 

    Your appetizers will be dressed to impress!

    *** Keep in mind that our "stock" varies from day to day.  So if you have a particular bottle you want made and we don't have it in our "recycle stock", simply send it to us and we will be happy to make it for you!