"Our unique way of recycling"
  • Lighted Wine and Liquor Bottles


    Like ambiance with a style of its own?  Then you or a friend will love your very own lighted wine or liquor bottle!  Our bottles have been used as centerpieces, accents for tabletop or bar, as well as the kitchen.  We also can use your personalized labels on our bottles to make any event special!

    Each bottle comes with a set of miniature rice lights, illuminating light from the top to the bottom.  Each bottle is then decorated to compliment its look.  The lights are a standard plug in, however, battery operated lights can be requested for a small additional fee.  The included pictures are just a sample of the bottles we make.

    *** Keep in mind that our "stock" varies from day to day.  So if you have a particular bottle you want made and we don't have it in our "recycle stock", simply send it to us and we will be happy to make it for you!